FABKIT is a project started by GHL and supported by the fablab network. The main objective is to create a low cost, replicable and “open” fablab to be deployed in refugee camps or developing areas to empower local communities. To support local users, the package will include:

  • The machines (mainly to be assembled and producible in a Fablab)
  • The structure (reusable as furniture\enclosure of the machines)
  • Contents (material that can be used by the instructor and by local trainers):"training of trainers tool box" (with this platform) .
  • How to Contribute?

    Within this section there are different types of educational and training contents. These are followed by a template and some design guidelines to allow an open contribution without losing the continuity of the system. There are:

  • VADEMECUM: summary tables containing design information about the topic, general rules and best practices.
  • INTRO AND CHECKLISTS: printable web page that contains: general information and glossary about technology and all step to do to use it or to rely a project: setting of the files, process management interaction between softwares or between machines, safety information.
  • TUTORIALS: It’s a guide for the construction of a symbolic object explained step by step on a web page, with the goal of learn and apply technical skills (i.e. 3D modeling, lasercutting, reading a sensor, etc.), with different difficulty levels and are target. The output is a “object-excuse”: something fun to make or useful to understand the potential, but not necessary co-designed.
  • Your contribution is welcome, if you have an interesting project document it with our format and send it to, we will upload it to the platform.